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Elementary Schools


3400 Hollywood Avenue, 
Bellingham WA 98225-1134

Phone: (360) 676-6404

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3200 Pinewood Avenue, 
Bellingham WA 98225-1436

Phone: (360) 676-6466

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Carl Cozier

1330 Lincoln Street, 
Bellingham WA 98229-6238

Phone: (360) 676-6410

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2508 Utter Street, 
Bellingham WA 98225-2708

Phone: (360) 676-6413

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4420 Aldrich Road, 
Bellingham, WA 98226-9680

Phone: (360) 676-6461

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1401 Geneva Street, 
Bellingham WA 98229-5218

Phone: (360) 676-6416

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Happy Valley

1041 24th Street, 
Bellingham WA 98225-8603

Phone: (360) 676-6420

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935 14th Street, 
Bellingham WA 98225-6305

Phone: (360) 676-6430

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Northern Heights

4000 Magrath Road, 
Bellingham WA 98226-1729

Phone: (360) 647-6820

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3033 Coolidge Drive, 
Bellingham WA 98225-1803

Phone: (360) 676-6433

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2900 Yew Street, 
Bellingham WA 98226-6127

Phone: (360) 676-6440

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Silver Beach

4101 Academy Street, 
Bellingham WA 98226-4443

Phone: (360) 676-6443

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2800 James Street, 
Bellingham WA 98225-2639

Phone: (360) 676-6446

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Wade King

2155 Yew Street Road, 
Bellingham, WA 98229-8812

Phone: (360) 647-6840

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Middle Schools


110 Parkridge Road, 
Bellingham WA 98225-7907

Phone: (360) 676-6450

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1250 Kenoyer Drive, 
Bellingham WA 98229-2346

Phone: (360) 676-4886

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2717 Alderwood Avenue, 
Bellingham WA 98225-1222

Phone: (360) 676-6454

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810 Halleck Street, 
Bellingham WA 98225-3243

Phone: (360) 676-6460

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High Schools


2020 Cornwall Avenue, 
Bellingham WA 98225-3648

Phone: (360) 676-6575

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2015 Franklin Street, 
Bellingham WA 98225-4220

Phone: (360) 647-6871

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2700 Bill McDonald Parkway, 
Bellingham WA 98225-5909

Phone: (360) 676-6481

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3773 E McLeod Road, 
Bellingham WA 98226-7728

Phone: (360) 676-6471

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Western Washington University

Western or WWU is a public university in Bellingham Washington. The college was founded in 1893 and offers a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The campus is 215 acres and is located on 516 High St overlooking Bellingham Bay. A few campus facilities include an electronic music studio, an air pollution lab, a motor vehicle research lab, a marine research lab, a wind tunnel, and the list continues… Click Here for more information about Western Washington University

Whatcom Community College

Whatcom or WCC is a public community college in Bellingham WA, It is located at 237 W Kellogg Rd. The community college was established in 1967. Whatcom offers transfer degrees, professional and technical training programs, basic education, job skills, online courses, and community and continuing education classless. WCC is rated among the top nine community and technical colleges in the state and recognized as one of the leading community colleges in the nation. For more information on Whatcom Community College Click Here

Bellingham Technical College

Bellingham tech or BTC is a public technical college in Bellingham WA, it is the only technical college, in northwest Washington State. Established in 1957 BTC offers high-quality education in a student-first environment. The technical college prepares students for many fields such as advanced manufacturing, accounting, process technology, pastry, registered nursing to radiologic technology, and many more. To find out more information about Bellingham Technical College Click Here

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