Bellingham farmers market

Bellingham has rightfully earned the nickname ” The city of subdued excitement ” with a stunning waterfront, hundreds of miles of raw natural trails, two alluring historic downtown districts, a variety of interesting restaurants, breweries galore, indie film theaters, cideries, museums, and other great entertainment choices.

Attractions: Unique attractions and fun things to do range from beautiful local trails to a virtual reality arcade. There are also many seasonal activities like Mt. Baker skiing and snowboarding to the Birch Bay Waterslides. Click Here for more info about attractions in Bellingham.

Lifestyle: Bellingham residents enjoy quite a diverse kind of lifestyle. There are folks that love beer and the outdoors. We have nature lovers, history buffs, beach walkers, and creative minds that make all sorts of visual and ear candy. Click Here to check out the Bellingham lifestyle.

Annual Events: Bellingham and Whatcom County hosts annual events all year round with fun activities ranging from garden shows, festivals, parades, art walks, and athletic competitions. Click Here for more info about annual events in Bellingham.

Family Activities -With all the nature and parks to explore what more could a family ask for? Bellingham has a plentiful amount of family fun activities. Click Here for more info about family activities in Bellingham.

Casinos: The Bellingham Washington area is home to a number of exciting casinos offering Vegas-style gaming with slots, roulette, blackjack, craps, and fine dining as well as casual buffets. Click Here for more info about casinos in Bellingham.

Museums & Galleries: History, Art, Nature, and Fun! The museums and galleries shine with arts and heritage activities. So much to see so much to do! Click Here for info on museums & galleries in Bellingham.

Shopping: Bellingham offers most stores you can find anywhere, but downtown shopping offers everything from boutique to unique. Something that sets this city apart from other cities is the commitment from local residents to shop locally. Whether you’re hunting for bargains or looking for handcrafted wares, boutiques, or outdoor gear Bellingham has many great places to shop.  Click Here for more info on shopping in Bellingham.

Spas & Health Wellness: Looking to unwind after all the outdoor fun, why not take some ” me time ” and focus on some much-needed self-care. There are plenty of options and various experiences to choose from such as spending an hour in a Himalayan salt cave to a full day of relaxing spa treatments. Click Here for more info on spas and health and wellness in Bellingham.

Theaters & Music: This thriving young college town attracts artists of every genre: music, theatre, visual arts, and everything in between. There is always live music playing and new art on display somewhere in this prosperous art hub. Click Here for more info on theaters & music in Bellingham.

Tours: Looking to escape the ordinary? The sky is the limit ( literally) because if you are interested in taking a helicopter ride then sign up for a Baker volcano tour or if you have your sea legs then check out a guided tour of the San Juan Islands by boat. History buff? there’s a number of historical tours around town that are absolutely fascinating. Click Here for info about tours in Bellingham.

Fun & Games: Let the games begin! Here in Bellingham if you’re a gamer and like indoor hours of fun you’ve got options and some even with adult beverages. Equally available are tons of outdoor fun and games to play. Bellingham has a considerable-sized frisbee golf community with courses all over the city and in Whatcom County. Click Here for more info about fun & games in Bellingham.

Scenic Drives: Sometimes what we need is to just hop in the car, feel the wind in our hair and take a drive. The scenery in this part of the country is unmatched, there are enchanting waterfalls, winding rivers where at the right time of year you can catch eagles swooping down and feeding on the bountiful salmon. So much to see and explore and all within an hour’s drive around Bellingham. Click Here for more info on scenic drives to take in Bellingham.

Nightlife: A trip to Bellingham promises access to a fun and affordable nightlife scene of pubs and bars, fueled by students of Western Washington University, who make up a large portion of the city’s population. Click Here for more info on Bellingham’s nightlife scene.

Pot Shops: Washington State legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2012 when its citizens voted to pass Initiative 502 Under Washington State law. Washington is a pioneer in the movement to reform marijuana laws. It has one of the most sophisticated marijuana markets in the country and really good cannabis laws overall. Click Here for more info on recreational marijuana in Bellingham.


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