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On January 15th we decided it was time to make our first video, to actually show everyone how cool and wonderful Bellingham Washington is. It was a glorious sunny warmish day in the Pacific Northwest ( for January) and since getting outside and being in nature is so good for your soul, Larrabee State Park was a perfect adventure. We had a lot of fun making this video, and as you can tell we are just figuring it out as we go. Regardless of our camera and acting skills, the point of our videos is to highlight and show you why we absolutely love living in Bellingham and why we think you would love living here too! If you want to see more of us being amateur Vloggers or your starting to see what we see about living in Bellingham, then stay tuned for more videos, and be sure to check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you kindly, The Hadland Team

On February 1st we loaded up 2 cars full of family members, winter wear and camera gear and made the journey up to Mount Baker. It was snowing really hard ( harder then we were ready for) and we tried our bests to show you how cool and amazing the mountain is. Despite the technical errors we made with our equipment,  I think we captured a lot of the beauty and wonderment that being at a world famous ski area is portrays. The kids had a blast as you can see and we learned a lot about shooting videos in the elements. We hope you enjoy our cold, wet and exciting video about Mount Baker. Please like and subscribe to our Youtube channel especially if you want to see more of us figuring out how to make a vlog ( video blog ) happen. Thank you kindly, The Hadland Team

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